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Wills and Trusts 101: Estate Planning Basics
thursday, nov 12, 12:00 pM
saturday, Nov 14, 10:00 am
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Amazing process. Quick and painless. Very professional in getting all documents together. Office vibe is very casual not stuffy. Explained everything thoroughly and reexplained when we had questions. Would highly recommend for anyone who has bought a house or has children to get a will and trust with Morgan Law Group.

- Nicole Pyland

Amazing experience! Putting together a trust seemed a daunting task at best. Darlynn and her staff made it an easy and straightforward process for us. We felt genuinely cared about and now feel secure in the knowledge that our trust has been expertly put together to assure that our wishes are carried out.

- Pam Jacobson

If you need to do estate planning, which we all do, these people are awesome! They are not a document churning place like others, but are truly concerned with finding the right plan for your future family needs. Go see them!!

- Russell & Shelly Snider

THURSDAY, NOV 12, 12:00 PM
SATURDAY, NOV 14, 10:00 AM

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They'll all be answered on this webinar. We are here to serve!
WHAT YOU'll learn during this free webinar....
If your legal documents have not been reviewed in more than three years (or you have never put any in place at all), you will have trouble to deal with if you become sick or die.

Join Attorney Darlynn Morgan for a free estate planning webinar and discover how to make sure your wishes are carried out exactly as you want. Even if you have an estate plan or a living trust, new laws and overlooked items may mean your current plan is out of date or won’t work as intended.

Find out how to keep your family out of court and out of conflict, keep the government out of your affairs, and best protect your assets, your wishes, and the people you love if the unexpected happens to you. 

Here are all of the things you will learn about the government’s “plan” for your estate, and just how much this plan will really cost you:

  • Why a will is not enough to protect you if the unthinkable happens…. Especially if you own a home.
  • How to keep the courts from calling the shots over your medical or financial affairs if you are disabled or incapacitated, and why most estate plans fail to deal with this.
  • Why you may be at risk if you’ve refinanced your home over the past several years.
  • ​The downsides to Joint Tenancy... and why putting property in children’s names may be a mistake.
  • ​Planning musts for blended families: How to protect and pass down assets when there’s kids from a previous relationship, step kids, ex’s or worries about your kids’ spouses.
  • ​How to protect yourself and stop worrying by getting your trust and will in order.
do you need a Will, trust or ? 
What do you really need to keep your family out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you? We'll cover all of it in detail, including the 3 biggest fears most people have when it comes to estate planning. 
Don't fail your loved ones
Even if you've created a plan, it may not work when your family needs it. Meet the "Bliss Family" and see exactly why most plans fail and how you can put in place a plan for peace. Because your family deserves it.
how much does it cost?
Most people wonder what estate planning should cost and whether they even need one. We'll guide you to know what it should cost, and also describe our estate planning process so you know your options.
Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free.  Its content can be overwhelming to some viewers.  We encourage you to stay until the end to hear about the solutions we offer to protect your loved ones if and when something should happen to you.
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